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My coaching philosophy integrates client-centered & action-oriented methods based on an evidence-based approach. I have certification as a Master Recovery Coach through Starting Point Minnesota. I work with individuals who are battling addiction as well as loved ones and family members that are also affected by it. 

​In collaboration, I work toward client's goals by tapping into their strengths, skills and values.
Through one-on-one personal coaching, my clients are empowered with a clear vision, an action plan, and proactive in achieve meaningful life goals.

I work with clients between for a minimum of a three month commitment. The longer the work the better the outcome.

My commitment, compassion, and empathy are the result of my own eight year struggle with alcohol. I believe that by sharing my story, others may be inspired and motivated to see the possibilities living a life of sobriety and well being. ​

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Topics that interest me that I like to speak on and talk about:

  • Defining Addiction Recovery  
  • What Does Science Say? Reviewing Recovery Research
  • Defining Recovery-Oriented Systems of Care (ROSC) 
  • Understanding the Role of Peer Recovery Coaches in the Addiction Profession  
  • Including Family and Community in the Recovery Process  
  • Collaborating with Other Professions, Professionals, and Communities 
  • Exploring Techniques to Support Long-Term Addiction Recovery  

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 Q: Is a Sober Coach like an AA  Sponsor?

 A: Sponsors focus primarily on 12 Step work and

     are more directive in their approach.  As a                  Rogerian  & CBT oriented master sober coach,

     I use a  more  client- centered and guiding 

     approach and call upon the  person's own                  motivation, wisdom and  strengths.

     Clients learn to be empowered, not  hopeless              through positive  and  proactive action and  

     some cognitive restructuring.  

Perception is reality!

 Q: Do you work with people if they  are  still drinking or  using?

 A: Yes.  I work with those that are interested in                abstinence. harm reduction, or

     moderation.  Who would turn someone away

     if they were interested in being helped?

  Q: Are you a sober companion?

 A: No. My cat would miss me too much.

  Q: Where do you coach?


 A: In person if local and on Skype if

      you're not. 


Sessions are for one hour.

Minimum commitment is one session per week for three months.

Additional time is encouraged!

 Contact Shira  Email: 

or Call (707) 343.5623

​Telecoahing, skype & in Person

For those interested in learning how to get into recovery coaching as a career I am now offering 30 min and one hour consultations.  

30 Min is $75.00

1 Hour is $125.00

By appointment.  


or call (707) 343-5623 for details